Vivo Asks App Developers to Review Data Privacy Compliance Requirements

On Monday, Vivo posted on its official WeChat account asking App developers to ensure that their apps and programs are in line with privacy compliance requirements. Should any app fail to meet the requirements, it will be removed from app stores.

Since December 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has carried out successive rectification work on apps infringing on users’ rights and interests and subsequently disclosing and notifying the public which apps failed to meet the Ministry’s requirements.

Earlier reported by Pandaily, China’s cybersecurity regulator found that 33 map and text apps, provided by Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, had collected excessive personal data without the approval of the users.

However, the issues of infringing on users’ rights and interests are still emerging, ranging from the illegal collection and use of personal information to the excessive claim of rights and frequent harassment of acquiring users’ information. How to effectively control this sharing of information is becoming a real cause for concern.

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In view of the above situation, companies have been calling on developers to carry out reviews of their apps to ensure that they are in line with current privacy compliance requirements. Platforms will continue to monitor the apps they host and will follow up according to regulation. If platforms find any privacy-related issues during their investigations, they will need to remove the app from their stores, suspend the relevant accounts, and freeze the developers’ accounts.