Ubtech Robotics Delivers Pint-Sized Robots to 300 Pre-Schools in Seoul, South Korea

Chinese AI and humanoid robotic company Ubtech Robotics posted on its Weibo channel, a Twitter-like social media platform, on Monday that the City Government of Seoul, South Korea recently announced a pilot project of science and technology education. The project aims to introduce Ubtech’s educational robot Alpha Mini into local kindergartens to help further artificial intelligence education for preschool children.

According to Ubtech Robotics, this project will last for five months and started in August of this year and will end in December. The project is targeted towards children aged 3-5 and will cover 300 nursery centers in Seoul. The project adopts an applicant registration process with which the local nursery centers can sign up to reserve the appropriate number of robots. After signing up, the schools will be able to use the robots for one month free of charge.

In order to better meet the needs of the schools, the Alpha Mini robots  have also been added to the Korean Naver cloud service to make the content on the cloud platform open to all users.

The Alpha Mini robots are mainly for K-12 educational institutions and their families. It has entertainment features such as communicating, moving and recognizing faces and objects. It is also equipped with educational features such as AI graphics programming.

In addition to the Alpha Mini robots, Ubtech Robotics has also launched an AI preschool education solution of “loving AI” to provide artificial intelligence enlightenment services for preschool children aged 3-6.

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Founded in 2012, Ubtech Robotics has launched a series of robots over its lifetime. The company’s products include the consumer-grade humanoid robot Alpha series, a STEM programming robot named Jimu, a cloud-based business robot called Cruzr, in addition to walking Stormtrooper robots in a branded cooperation with Disney. The company has also released an intelligent humanoid service robot named Walker along with a variety of other products.

According to the company, Ubtech Robotics has formed an educational ecosystem consisting of “hardware + software + content + service”, carrying out AI education services in more than 40 countries and serving more than 3,000 primary and secondary schools in China.