Tourist Shows Transformers Megatron the Middle Finger at Universal Beijing Resort, Causing Online Stir

At the Universal Beijing Resort on Tuesday, a young man showed the Transformers Megatron the middle finger as he approached the character, which sparked immediate discussion after videos of the incident were posted online.

The tourist was shocked when Megatron hit back: “That is so impolite. Didn’t your parents teach you? Stupid man. Dirty human being. Go back, I don’t want to take a picture with you.” When the tourist made the impolite gesture, a park worker tried to stop him.

Universal Beijing Resort, which just opened on September 20, said that there are no rules to ban tourists from committing this kind of indecent act against characters, and that they won’t be blacklisted. Nonetheless, park officials assured that surrounding staff would try to stop them from doing so.

The resort explained that a staff member controlled the character’s voice from backstage. This employee came up with the “dirty human being” quote in order to match Megatron’s character in the movies. The comment was not intended to be derogatory.

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A total of 88.16 million trips were made in China during the recent three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in 2021, according to the country’s culture and tourism authorities. Driven by bookings for the Universal Beijing Resort, the capital city appears to be the most popular destination for the National Day holiday in nine days, according to TravelGo. The Universal Beijing Resort has also become one of the top five most popular hotels in the Beijing area.