TikTok Shop to Support Cross-Border E-Commerce Merchants

Chinese media outlet BiaNews reported on Wednesday that TikTok Shop recently announced the support policy for cross-border e-commerce merchants from March to April this year.

TikTok Shop is an e-commerce model launched by ByteDance. In countries and regions where TikTok Shop has been launched, consumers can do one-stop shopping in TikTok, whether through live-streaming or short video. There is no need to open a third-party platform to shop which the company hopes will reduce order churn rate.

For newly registered accounts, the platform will provide traffic support and official operational guidance. A growing account will be able to apply flow incentives according to their gross merchandise volume (GMV) level, and a cash subsidy will be provided to them if certain conditions are met. For accounts in excellent standing, aside from the above support, a cash subsidy of up to $60,000 will be given according to its growth ratio.

Cross-border e-commerce merchants can generate income with alliances on TikTok through their short videos, live-streaming and other forms. The categories covered by the company’s e-commerce channels include clothing, jewelry, home appliances, digital products, and others. The platform opened up the ability to sell high-quality products to merchants through alliances.

Previously, TikTok had implemented a number of livestreaming e-commerce incentive plans in the UK to promote its TikTok Shop. the platform provides a commission-free policy for new merchants in addition to freight reduction for orders, which is equivalent to free shipping for merchants. In February, TikTok Shop entered into the Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian markets.

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