TikTok Partners With NBCUniversal for Beijing Olympics

Major U.S. media group NBCUniversal has reached a cooperation agreement with TikTok to promote the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics using short videos.

The group’s National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) is one of the largest radio and television networks the U.S., and is also the exclusive broadcaster of this year’s Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics for the domestic market.

During the Games, NBCUniversal will publish relevant content and behind-the-scenes tidbits from the event on its multiple TikTok accounts. In addition, NBC will conduct three livestreaming events with the theme “Winter Olympics on TikTok,” inviting TikTok creators to serve as hosts.

The two sides have also established an advertising partnership, under which they will carry out a series of innovative practices with brands during the Games to bring new experiences to the audience.

“From the highlights of the event to the hot trends, NBC’s TikTok accounts will show the wonderful content of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and fans around the world can also watch athletes’ personal Winter Olympics trips here,” a spokesman for TikTok told reporters.

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NBCUniversal revealed that Olympic-related content has been viewed more than 18 billion times on TikTok. Therefore, the Olympic broadcaster took the initiative to invite TikTok to cooperate regarding content produced at the upcoming Beijing Games. At last year’s Tokyo Olympic Games, TikTok became an important platform for athletes to share their competition experiences, helping the event gain worldwide attention.