ThreatBook Secures $47.1M Financing Led by CDH Investments

Beijing-based security threat intelligence company ThreatBook announced on Monday that it had completed an E+ round of financing worth more than 300 million yuan ($47.1 million). The deal was led by CDH Investment and followed by existing shareholder Star Road Ventures. The total amount of the E round of financing exceeded 800 million yuan.

After this round of financing, ThreatBook plans to continue increasing its investment in the R&D of products, market development, and to help enterprise customers upgrade their security operations.

Established in 2015, ThreatBook has lived by the credo of “new threats and new security”. The company first began its operations focusing on threat intelligence and then expanded the idea to apply its core capabilities to the foundation of each product line. The result has been a comprehensive threat detection and response technology stack.

In the past six years, ThreatBook has upgraded traditional nodes, IDS and gateway products by relying on its ability to detect threats, utilize machine learning and develop model algorithms. The company has launched several product lines such as “OneEDR,” a host/subscription threat detection and response product, “TDP,” a traffic detection and response product, and “OneDNS,” an enterprise cloud gateway product.

In terms of business and service offerings, ThreatBook was one of the earliest providers in China to provide security services with a subscription model. The company has put forward the concept of “security as a service” and has advocated light management in deployment, maintenance and implementation of products, and using subscription fee structure.

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The firm’s enterprise customers include government organizations, energy companies, banks, securities, insurance companies, smart manufacturing and Internet, with nearly 1,000 large enterprise customers such as State Grid Corporation of China, Xiaomi, and CITIC Group.

Frank Xie and Yang Fan, managing directors of CDH Investment, spoke about the company’s potential: “With the accelerated digitalization of the economy and assets and increasingly complex network environments, the way to deal with growing network threats has become a common demand in all walks of life. ThreatBook is the leading company of the network security enterprises in China. Its team is deeply involved in innovation-driven threat detection and response technology. It continues to expand product lines and services and has won the trust of nearly 1,000 industry enterprises.”