The Preparations for the Huawei Mate70 Series Have Begun

The Huawei P70 series has not been released yet, but there are already many leaks online about the Mate70 series. On February 19th, a digital blogger revealed that the preparation work for the Huawei Mate70 series has been underway for some time, and the stock volume has increased significantly compared to the Mate60 series. It is expected to be released in mid-October.

Many previous reports indicated that the Mate70 series is expected to be launched in September. However, the blogger mentioned that the new device is expected to be released in mid-October, with Huawei’s developer conference in September first introducing HarmonyOS NEXT Milky Way edition. At the same time, he revealed that this year’s Huawei Mate70 series will enhance its capabilities in terms of appearance design dimensions, chips, screens, batteries, and system aspects.

In terms of stocking, the blogger revealed that from changes in the supply chain to chip stocking, it is expected that the stock volume of Huawei Mate70 series will increase by about 40% to 50% compared to Mate60 series. In other words, compared to the supply shortage of Mate60 series, there will be a significant relief for Mate70 series. However, in the initial month, there may still be a need for rush purchases.

It is reported that the Huawei Mate70 series is testing a new screen solution to enhance users’ visual experience. The Huawei Mate70 series may be equipped with a four-curved 2K screen, bringing exquisite display effects. It is also expected to introduce 5.5G technology and ‘may come with a brand-new Kirin chip.’ With these new technologies, it can help Huawei further erode Apple’s high-end market share and increase sales revenue in the smartphone market.

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