Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai Employee Performance Bonuses May Increase by 1.5 Times

On July 18th, it was reported that several employees of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai, recently received a significant increase in their performance bonuses for the second quarter of 2023. The bonus amount reached 1.5 times their monthly base salary.

According to Shanghai Securities News, Tesla China responded today that the number of employees at Gigafactory Shanghai is large, and they are currently unable to respond to the situation regarding salary increases.

Earlier this year, workers at a Shanghai factory complained to Tesla’s founder and CEO Elon Musk about their dissatisfaction with bonuses. In response, Musk stated that an investigation would be conducted. However, it is worth mentioning that Tesla delivered 247,000 electric vehicles produced in China in the second quarter, which is the highest level since the opening of its Shanghai factory.

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Previously, a Tesla employee revealed that an ordinary frontline worker at the Tesla Shanghai factory receives a basic monthly salary of over ¥5,000 ($700). In addition to this, they also receive bonuses, allowances, and overtime pay. The salary is distributed for 17 months in a year, averaging close to ¥10,000 ($1400) per month. Furthermore, there are various insurance benefits amounting to 7%, a housing provident fund of 5%, free meals at work, free shuttle buses, and free family commercial insurance. Elon Musk has previously exclaimed that Chinese workers truly deserve the treatment of earning tens of thousands of monthly wages.