Tesla VP Underscores Shanghai’s Cooperation on Gigafactory

Tao Lin, Vice President of Tesla Global, spoke at a press conference in anticipation of the upcoming 2019 Shanghai City Promotion Conference, underscoring the importance of Shanghai in the successful development of Tesla’s gigafactory.

“Thanks to the good business environment in Shanghai, Tesla has been free to innovate, validating Shanghai as the correct choice for building our first overseas factory,” Lin told Chinese media.

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Lin also extolled Tesla’s larger vision, billing the electric car company as more than just a product maker, but a firm intent on trying to understand the future relationship between driving and technology, with an emphasis placed on efficiency.

The gigafactory is set to commence the first phase of production soon, which should churn out 3,000 vehicles per week by the end of this year.

Tesla chairman Robyn Denholm is also set to visit China for the first time and attend the 2019 Shanghai City Promotion Conference which will kick off on November 6. The conference is set to feature a number of new initiatives from the city centered around bolstering foreign investment in China’s financial capital.

The World Bank recently released the Doing Business 2020 report on the various business environments in countries around the world. China climbed 15 places, from 46th to 31st.