Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory to Transform Production Line by August 7

A transformation plan for Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory has been launched this month, in which the second-stage production line, responsible for producing Model Ys, was successfully updated on July 16. Meanwhile, adjustments to the factory’s first-stage production line, responsible for producing Model 3s, started on July 17, expected to complete by August 7, Chinese media outlet 36Kr reported on July 23.

Many sources confirmed that employees of the second-stage production line had returned to work in the factory, while the first-stage production line’s employees had been on vacation since July 17, and were expected to resume work normally from August 8.

After the changes, the output of the first-stage production line in a single day will reach 500 to 600 units. At present, Tesla has resumed its three-shift production mode, with daily production output of Model 3s reaching 1,000 to 1,200 units, while the transformed Model Y production line has climbed to the output of 2,000 vehicles per day. In addition, its daily output will reach about 2,200 vehicles next month.

According to sources, the first-phase production line of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai took the lead in producing about 10,000 Model 3 vehicles for domestic delivery after entering the third quarter, then it had been producing Model 3s for export until the vacation.

In its second-quarter financial report released on July 21, Tesla mentioned that the factories in Shanghai and Fremont both reached the highest monthly output in history in the second quarter. The Shanghai Gigafactory, which recently upgraded its production capacity, had an annual production capacity of over 750,000 vehicles, reaching the highest production capacity at present in the firm. Firm CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla’s vehicle production capacity may break the company’s record in the second half of this year.

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The annual production capacity of the Shanghai Gigafactory will reportedly be expanded to about 1.1 to 1.2 million vehicles. With the transformation of production lines, the factory also ushered in a small recruitment peak. The number of job vacancies at the Gigafactory has expanded from four to five at the beginning of this month to 15 now.

With the increase of Gigafactory’s capacity, it can be predicted that Tesla’s delivery speed will also accelerate. At present, Tesla’s official Chinese website shows that the delivery cycle of the Model 3 is 16 to 20 weeks, while that of the Model Y is 10 to 14 weeks.