Tesla Releases the FSD Beta Testing Version to Chinese Users

On August 14th, it was reported that Tesla China Analyst, a Twitter blogger, revealed that the Tesla ‘Full Self-Driving'(FSD) beta version has been rolled out to users in China. Initially, it will collect data in ‘shadow mode’ and gradually start small-scale trials after completing feasibility verification.

And earlier, this blogger posted that Tesla released the latest system update in China on August 9th, which includes ‘with user consent, allowing Autopilot to analyze and improve automated driving.’ In his opinion, this means that FSD is expected to be introduced in China ‘soon’.

According to previous reports from IT Home, Tesla CEO Musk claimed that Tesla is currently developing the final piece of the puzzle on the AI puzzle of ‘FSD Artificial Intelligence’ – ‘vehicle control’, with hopes to achieve fully autonomous driving by the end of this year.

The so-called ‘fully autonomous driving’ claimed by Musk refers to Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous driving, where the vehicle is equipped with built-in algorithms that allow it to complete a series of driving tasks without the need for driver control.

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Musk stated that ‘vehicle control’ is the final piece of the puzzle on Tesla’s FSD AI, which will reduce the original FSD’s C++ control code by approximately two orders of magnitude, exceeding 300,000 lines.

And it should be noted that currently, several domestic car companies have announced that they can maintain a ‘significant lead’ over Tesla’s FSD. For example, Richard Yu from Huawei has publicly claimed that their own ADS 2.0 is ‘far ahead’ compared to new players and Tesla. Wu Xinzhou, the former Vice President of XPeng Motors’ autonomous driving division, stated in an interview, ‘We are definitely not afraid of Tesla coming over.’