Tesla Meets China’s Data Security Standards, Restrictions to be Lifted

Tesla vehicles have been facing restrictions on entry into various locations in mainland China, including government institutions and local government agencies, due to concerns raised by Chinese authorities about potential security risks associated with the “Sentry Mode” camera feature.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is instrumental in resolving this issue, discreetly arrived in mainland China on the 28th and made substantial progress during a meeting with Chinese officials.

After the meeting, on the evening of April 28th, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers issued an announcement confirming that Tesla has met the relevant data security requirements, and thus restrictions will be gradually lifted in various regions. The announcement stated that all Tesla models produced in the Shanghai Gigafactory are compliant, making Tesla the only foreign company to meet these regulatory requirements.

According to the announcement, during the vehicle inspection process, Tesla strictly complied with relevant laws, regulations, standards, and testing procedures to meet the compliance requirements of relevant national regulations. Measures include anonymizing facial information outside the vehicle, not collecting cabin data by default, processing cabin data in the vehicle, and providing clear notifications when processing personal information.

Previously in 2021, Tesla established a data center in Shanghai to achieve localized data storage. In addition, Tesla invited a third-party authoritative institution to review the company’s information security management system and successfully passed the security management system certification.

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