Tesla Launches Model Y — Shanghai Gigafactory to be Completed by the end of 2019

On March 15, Tesla launched its last piece of the Model series, the Model Y. It is more of an affordable version of Model 3.

Model Y features a panoramic glass roof, just like the Model X and, quite surprisingly, has altogether 7 seats.

Just like Tesla CEO Elon Musk has explained in his autobiography, the names of the models were inspired by the word “SEXY”, with the Model 3 being an exception since it was already taken by one of Ford’s cars.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y (Source: Tesla)

Four versions of Model Y are standard range (230-mile battery range), long range (300-mile), Dual Motor AWD (280-mile) and performance (280-mile), which are priced at $39,000, $47,000, $51,000 and $60,000 respectively.

Musk also talked about the construction progress of the Shanghai Gigafactory, “When I was there in January, we did the groundbreaking ceremony. And this is what it looked like three months later.” Musk showed another picture at the event, showing the completed factory that the electric vehicle company has in mind by the end of this year.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y (Source: Tesla)
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y (Source: Tesla)

According to him, the Shanghai factory, once completed, will be like the Fremont car factory and Nevada battery Gigafactory combined. “We are excited about this great team in China, and this is going to be really important for making affordable versions of Model 3 and Model Y for the greater China market.”

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory
Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory (Source: Tesla)

Musk also mentioned that they would build a supercharger route around the globe.

After the event, he also sent a twitter, saying “London to Beijing Supercharger route”.

According to its official website, Tesla has more than 12,000 Superchargers across North America, Europe, and Asia. Right now, more than 99% of the U.S. population is covered by the network. “Recently, we passed 90% population coverage in China and are growing that number quickly.”

Until the Shanghai factory and the supercharger network is completed, there will likely be a growth in Tesla purchases in China.

Featured Image Source: Tesla