Tesla Launches Enhanced Autopilot for Chinese Mainland Users Free of Charge for One Month

Today, U.S. EV maker Tesla announced the launch of its exclusive offer for the Double 11 shopping festival in China: a 30-day free trial of its Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) feature.

According to Tesla, the 30-day free trial applies for Model 3 and Model Y vehicles that were delivered before November 11, 2021 and have not installed EAP and Full Self Driving (FSD) while also meeting a few hardware requirements.

From the early morn of November 11 to the evening of November 12, the trial will be pushed to owners that meet the requirements. In order to ensure the trial time of at least 30 days, the end time of the trial is set to midnight on December 13. Owners can confirm the current EAP status and effective date by clicking the “Control-Software” column at the bottom left of the control screen of their vehicle.

According to Tesla, the EAP is based on its original Autopilot (AP) feature while adding functions such as Navigate on Autopilot (NOA), Automatic Lane Change (ALC), automatic parking and intelligent calling. With the help of EAP, vehicles can automatically enter and exit highway ramps or overpass forks, overtake slow-moving vehicles, and automatically change lanes on highways. The feature helps improve the overall safety and convenience of users’ daily travel.

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During the Labor Day vacation this past year, Tesla also gave out many perks to car owners, including  45 days of free use for its EAP feature, free supercharging stations within a a certain amount of days, and a 7.5% discount on replacing air-conditioning filters.