Tesla Deeper in Trouble in China

The world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Tesla has been embroiled in controversy lately in one of the largest EV marketsChina. Following the sudden price cuts that angered many Tesla owners who bought their cars at full price, the new energy car maker was reported on Tuesday to have run into trouble with the Shanghai customs.

According to Caixin, Shanghai Customs is currently holding 1,600 of Tesla’s Model 3 cars due to a lack of proper labels. The detained vehicles have warning signs only in English but not in Chinese on their brake fluid tanks. In addition, some don’t have vehicle information nameplates, and some have labels that are inconsistent with their real motor capacity.

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Failing the customs inspection has resulted in a notice that forbids selling any Tesla Model 3 already in China from General Administration of Customs (GAC). Explanations such as “incorrect settings on its printers” and “workers’ poor operation” are used by Tesla to take the blame for the mistake.

 Tesla owners organized protests at Tesla stores and Superchargers
Tesla owners organized protests (photo source: landongpro)

Meanwhile, disputes around the drastic price cut that was announced on Monday continues to unfold. Some Tesla owners, angered by the price adjustment, organized protests at Tesla stores and Superchargers. They put up slogans that translate into “Don’t buy now, buy tomorrow at a discount”, and “Tesla’s arbitrary price reduction violates customers’ rights and interests.”

Tesla revealed major price reduction of several models on Monday. The Model 3 price was cut by an average of 8 percent, the high-end Model X by an appalling 40 percent. While the price cut has been supported by netizens, Tesla owners, especially those who purchased their vehicles earlier this year, were quite upset since the price adjustment was not accompanied by any change to the product itself.

Unsatisfied owners have made contact with the after-sale service department for a price difference refund or other forms of compensation. As of right now, there is yet no information on whether Tesla will be providing any form of compensation.

Featured photo credit to Nora Lindvall / Pandaily