Tesla China Responds to FSD Implementation in China: Currently Progressing

In the field of intelligent driving in China, there has been a significant development recently. Four ministries jointly issued a notice to deploy pilot projects for the access and on-road operation of intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs). The notice requires that ICVs with production capabilities at Level 3 and Level 4 be allowed to conduct on-road trials within designated areas, particularly emphasizing the determination of accident liability for the first time.

In this context, as one of the major players in intelligent driving technology, Tesla‘s Full Self-Driving (FSD) is considered to be entering the countdown phase for implementation in China. On November 23rd, Tesla China also responded to reporters regarding this issue: ‘Currently, it is indeed being promoted.’

Tesla’s FSD has been a topic of concern for various industries and especially for major competitors in China. In response to this, an insider from Tesla China confirmed that the implementation of FSD in China is indeed underway. However, the insider also mentioned that there is currently no specific information regarding when it will be fully implemented.

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