Tesla China Anticipates High Q3 Exports

On July 30, Youtuber Wu Wa posted a video showing that Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai has completed its latest round of upgrades and is now producing new vehicles in large numbers. Thousands of cars are now being shipped to Europe from the Shanghai South Port terminal.

The blogger said that a few weeks ago, the Shanghai docks were crowded with the firm’s Model 3s, but this time, what he found were mostly Model Ys.

Tesla has said that its Gigactory Shanghai has started a transformation program in July. Specifically, the second-stage production line that produces Model Ys completed its transformation on July 16, while the first-stage production line for producing Model 3s started transformation on July 17, scheduled for completion on August 7. After upgrading the production line, Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai will aim to produce 14,000 Model Ys and about 7,700 Model 3s every week.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai is a major car export center, which is why Tesla China has focused its car deliveries and production on exports in the first half of this year. Only in the latter or last month of each quarter will it focus on the production and delivery of local orders in China.

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In 2021, Tesla delivered 936,200 vehicles worldwide, of which Tesla China delivered 484,100 vehicles, which means that Gigafactory Shanghai contributed over 50% of the output.

It’s worth noting that Tesla reported in its Q2 FY2022 earnings report that the Shanghai Gigafactory recently underwent a capacity upgrade that could exceed 750,000 units per year, making it Tesla’s highest capacity Gigafactory to date.