Tesla Begins Early Delivery of Model 3 in China

Looks like Tesla consumers will be getting an early treat this month, as the company announced on Feb. 20 during a celebratory event in Beijing that it will be delivering the Model 3 in China at least a week earlier than expected.

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Tesla said last month that it planned to start deliveries of the vehicle in China in March.

Tesla Model 3 delivery in China

State-funded Chinese news site The Paper also reported today that Morning Cindy, a ship carrying more than 1,600 Model 3 vehicles, had arrived in Shanghai. According to Shanghai customs, this is the first batch of the Model 3s to arrive at the port.

The sales staff at Tesla Shanghai indicated that since the tariffs on China’s imported cars will be at its lowest in the near future, the Chinese market has a leg up in the supply of Model 3s. Consumers will be able to pick up their vehicles starting March.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has indicated that the Shanghai Gigafactory, although not operating at full power yet, is geared up to eventually produce approximately 3,000 Model 3 vehicles per week and about 500,000 vehicles per year when fully operational.

It looks like some consumers will still have to wait a few months before they are able to pick up their Model 3s in China.

Featured photo credit to Tesla