Tencent’s WeChat to Release Night Mode

Apple recently reviewed and updated their regulation, stipulating that for developers on iOS 13, their apps must support night mode before April 30. Tencent’s flagship product, WeChat, was in danger of being removed from the iOS App Store due to the lack of dark mode support before the enhanced accessibility feature was added.

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While Apple’s request was for all developers, not specifically targeting WeChat, China’s most popular social app was more or less forced to adjust to the new regulations. In addition to limiting power consumption, night mode also reduces the amount of blue light emitted from the device, protecting the users’ vision.

Apple and WeChat had previously clashed over WeChat’s tipping function in 2017, which was commonly used to support content creators. The function was later removed. The implementation of night mode divided users, but most agree that WeChat’s presence on the iOS App Store is crucial, and this added night mode feature can only be good for the longevity of WeChat as a platform.