Tencent’s Honor of Kings Sees New Credit Score Restrictions

According to an announcement on Thursday by Tencent Games Credit, the company’s official WeChat account, “the Honor of Kings” officially instantiated a credit threshold on the platform. Now, players with a credit score lower than 100 will not be able to use the speaking and social functions.

The new regulation measures the player’s credit rating: account information, daily activity, game assets, security contribution and punishments for cheating, and then calculates a comprehensive score for the player’s game credit level. The higher the score, the better the player’s game credit.

According to the announcement, the previous system was more of a reaction to posts that had already been made whereas the new system is more pre-emptive in that users are continuously verified to ensure quality control. The credit threshold of Tencent Games was launched in key categories, namely for chats, Mentoring, and game startup.

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The new system can intercept accounts that have already been flagged so as to cut off any problems of draining malicious information such as advertisements, pornography and fraud, while eliminating the influence of malicious users on the platform.