Tencent’s Game Accelerator Stops Operations in Foreign Service Area

Tencent’s game accelerator announced on Wednesday that the company had undergone a business re-adjustment and will upgrade its platform to Tencent Games Manager from May 31 and will only support acceleration in Chinese service areas. The old version of the platform will be gradually phased out.

The game accelerator enables acceleration for online games and assists in reducing game delays while minimizing jamming. Usually, when players access games in foreign service areas accelerators are used to optimize network performance.

According to analysts, Tencent‘s game accelerator will inevitably earn less in its overseas game business after winding down the accelerator in foreign service areas, but will provide an opportunity for players in the Chinese games sector. Game companies with strong R&D strength and innovation will stand a stronger chance of increasing their penetration in the overall game market.

There have been hints of this upgrade already. In December 2021, the game accelerator announced that due to the adjustment of product strategy, it had temporarily stopped accepting new recharges.

On the evening of April 11th, the National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) announced the most recent approvals of 45 online games in April. This is the first time that NPPA has issued game registration numbers since July 2021.

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The list includes games made by companies such as Baidu, Datang Network, Loveasy Game, X.D. Network, Yoozoo, 4399.com, and 37Games. Neither NetEase nor Tencent had any games published in this latest list.