Tencent Video Denies Cooperation With Kuaishou on Long-Form Videos

On July 19, Tencent Video issued a statement denying reports of its strategic cooperation with short video streaming platform Kuaishou on the secondary creation of long-form videos.

Meanwhile, Baidu-backed video streaming platform iQIYI and ByteDance’s short video app Douyin have just announced a new cooperation deal, under which the two sides will jointly explore secondary creation and the promotion of long-form video content. Subsequently, local media outlets reported that Tencent Video is also negotiating similar cooperation with Kuaishou.

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According to sources, the sincerity of cooperation between Tencent Video and Kuaishou is strong, and it is estimated that an official announcement will be made soon. The two sides have now started substantive cooperation at the operational level. Recently, the copyright of many videos in Kuaishou’s secondary creation activity belongs to Tencent Video.

Since last year, copyright disputes between short video formats and long video formats have attracted much attention in China. At the end of 2021, China Netcasting Service Association issued a document, clearly stating that short video content that was cut from movies, TV dramas, and other audio-visual programs without authorization is prohibited. This also places great significance on whether short video platforms can get authorization.

In March of this year, Douyin took the lead in reaching a cooperation deal with video streaming platform Sohu, obtaining the authorization for secondary creation. Kuaishou’s move was earlier. In October 2021, Kuaishou became the Official NBA China Short Video Platform and the first Video Content Creation Community of NBA China.

Industry insiders believe that cooperation between long and short video platforms will provide more publicity for long videos and more lawful materials for creators.