Tencent Tests Social App ‘doX’ for Youths to Share Short Videos

TechPlanet reported on Thursday that Chinese tech giant Tencent has recently launched a new social app called “doX,” a social platform designed for young people with a focus on short videos. Users can get to know like-minded friends on the platform by shooting interesting short videos.

At present, doX is still in the testing stage, during which time passwords are required to enter the app.

Users with access to the app say doX is similar to Instagram in terms of the content page layout. Users can watch short videos sent by other users and send messages to content creators.

Users can also share short videos through WeChat and QQ. It seems doX still needs Tencent‘s major two social apps to gain traffic in the early stage.

In addition, doX allows users to shoot short videos. If users have no inspiration, they can look at the app’s “inspiration library” for high-quality content created by others. In this way, users can shoot and share the desired content.

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Short video social media products have become very popular in recent years, and many Chinese tech companies have launched their own products. For example, ByteDance has released “Duoshan,” Kuaishou launched “Yitianhmianliao,” Momo launched “Duiyan,” and Tencent launched “Maohu.”