Tencent Releases Edge Security Acceleration Platform Tencent Cloud EdgeOne

On July 29, Tencent Cloud launched its edge security acceleration platform, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne. This platform relies on its edge nodes deployed in more than 70 regions on five continents, as well as more than 20 years of security technology accumulation, to provide enterprises with edge integration services including security protection, performance acceleration and related technical support.

Yang Baoshu, the senior vice president of Tencent Cloud International, said that it has become a major trend for enterprises to transform digitally because of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Web3 and the Internet of Things. Based on Tencent‘s own security business operation experience of serving one billion users, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne can provide users with an unprecedented high-quality and highly reliable network experience while ensuring user security.

In 2021, Tencent Cloud released the RT-ONE network, which integrates the three networks of Tencent Cloud’s real-time communication network (TRTC), instant messaging network (IM) and streaming media content delivery network (CDN). It constructs a platform base for the industry’s most complete audio and video communication PaaS platform and creates one-stop audio and video services.

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Tencent Cloud invests security capabilities into the RT-ONE network and integrates and upgrades it into Tencent Cloud EdgeOne, with the capability of sinking to the edge nodes closest to users and providing full-link security protection and acceleration services. Effective immediately, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne comes into operation to support services outside of mainland China, and it will support services within mainland China from September.

Cheng Wenjie, the general manager of Tencent Security, said that Tencent Cloud EdgeOne deployed more than 2,800 edge nodes in more than 70 regions on five continents to ensure that users around the world can have access within a close proximity. Also, to protect the user experience, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne has a global reserve bandwidth of 160Tbps+, so as to build a powerful underlying resource for efficient data transmission and security protection functions.