Tencent Offers Urban and Rural Children 100 Classrooms and 100 Sports Grounds

Tencent announces on Wednesday that its gaming division and charity organization are jointly launching a public welfare program. The program will offer 100 classrooms and 100 sports fields for urban and rural children, as well as supporting services such as courses, teacher training, and sports competitions.

Tencent hopes these classrooms and playgrounds will be used by children after school so parents no longer need to worry about their kids’ safety when they can’t pick up their children because of work.

As early as November 2019, Tencent‘s Child Growth and Guardian Platform launched a public welfare project named “Future Classroom”. It will provide schools in economically underdeveloped areas with science and technology, hobby courses and supporting devices. Now, “Future Classroom” is available in 8 schools in three different provinces.

The program provides courses in VR, open-source hardware programming, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and other subjects with which the company intends to stimulate children’s interest in cutting-edge technology.

In addition to this infrastructure, each year Tencent will offer each school at least 100 hours of professional sports training, provide local teachers with professional training services, and organize diverse activities for students.

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In August this year, Tencent Games further tightened the control measures on its gaming platform. All suspicious accounts must be re-authenticated and minors aged 12 and under are prohibited from recharging their account balances. Facial recognition technology is being used to prevent fraudulent activity, such as using parental identity information to bypass supervision.

In addition to public welfare programs, Tencent Games provides 1V1 free in-depth education counseling through its Minor’s Parent Service Platform, as a way to guide parent-child relationships. The company has published several guidelines for teenagers and parents to learn more about the Internet and gaming. Finally, the company is helping children learn how to use the Internet in a beneficial way and enable them to experience get more out of the technology and its content.