Tencent Games’ LightSpeed Studios Upgrades Brand

LightSpeed Studios, formerly known as LightSpeed & Quantum Studios, a prominent Chinese game developer and subsidiary of Tencent Games, announced on Monday that it has conducted a comprehensive upgrade of its branding and vision. In the future, it will devote itself to building a LightSpeed Universe to connect global players and gaming ecologies.

The brand’s logo has also been fully upgraded. Incorporating many project concepts and cosmic elements, LightSpeed Studios said, “The classic lightning sign represents our initial love for games. The small quantum running at the speed of light and the photon ring with energy convergence symbolize the enterprising, open exploration of the future, and our inclusive ecological concept.”

In addition, it announced the establishment of the “LightSpeed Exploration Lab” sub-brand. In the future, the company will bring together its technical advantages in games, increase cross-industry application exploration, and constantly consider more possibilities to help the world.

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It also announced the establishment of a “LightSpeed Pictures” sub-brand. In the future, the company will launch new exploration in animation, film and television, and drama series based on LightSpeed’s original IP and technical capabilities.

This brand upgrade is also a signal that LightSpeed Studios is moving towards the global gaming market. Based in China, it has opened offices and hired people in Singapore, the United States (Los Angeles, Seattle, Palo Alto), Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver), New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, France, Britain, and United Arab Emirates. It will accelerate globalization and explore the next generation of products.

As for talent recruitment, Jerry Chen, President of LightSpeed Studios, also suggested in a letter to all employees that he will continue to deepen the global localization management and flexible office mode, recruiting people all over the world in order to build a truly global team.