Tencent Denies Rumors It Marked Disgruntled Employee as “Never Hire”

On Wednesday, in response to online rumors that a “newly graduated Tencent employee who expressed his dissatisfaction with management quit his job and was marked as ‘never to be hired by Tencent‘,” an insider told iFeng Technology that the allegations are seriously inaccurate, and that the employee had left the company on his own following an incident.

On the same day, Zhang Jun, the director of public relations for Tencent, marked a media report “rumor” in red on his personal social media, denying that the employee was “marked as never to be hired and the company will have its legal department to file a lawsuit.” He added, “Can news be counterfeited? The cost of making rumors now is too low.”

On the evening of February 9, the employee told ThePaper: “I can’t confirm whether or not the news that I was marked ‘never to be hired’ is true. I haven’t encountered any hindrance during my job search, and many HR workers have taken the initiative to contact me.” According to the employee, he has found a new job that will commence soon.

On the evening of January 25, a newly graduated employee of Tencent WeCom, the enterprise communications version of WeChat, expressed his dissatisfaction in the 600-member group and accused the company of boasting about its abnormal values which encourage employees to work overtime.

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The incident stirred a heated discussion at the time, and many netizens expressed support for the employee. Huang Tieming, the head of WeCom, recognized the employee’s frank attitude, and determined that three optimization measures would be made, including timely planning, healthy and reasonable working schedules, and clear work evaluation.

Subsequently, it was reported that the employee had left Tencent and was marked as “never to be hired” by the personnel department. Not only was he prevented from continuing to work at Tencent, but he would be largely rejected even if he joined other major domestic internet firms. Furthermore, news reports alleged that Tencent‘s legal department seems to sue the employee for “damaging the company’s image.”