Tencent Confirms Death of Mao Xingyun, Employee at Company’s TiMi F1 Studio

Recently, news emerged that an employee of Tencent in Shenzhen died unexpectedly. Tencent confirmed on Tuesday that Mao Xingyun, an employee of TiMi F1 Studio, passed away unexpectedly on December 11th.

“As an indispensable member of the team, Mao has achieved high performance continuously in the past few years. We are very sorry for his departure,” Tencent said in an announcement.

After the accident, Tencent set up an emergency team immediately to assist Mao’s family members in handling follow-up matters. Other employees were briefly informed through the company’s internal forum.

The company offered a brief summation in an internal email to employees, “Mao was hospitalized for physical reasons from August to September this year. After his condition was stable, he was discharged from hospital to return to work. The company didn’t expect such an unfortunate incident to happen in the end.”

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Mao Xingyun, an employee of Tencent‘s TiMi F1 Studio, was the head of the Lead Engine Programmer of Tencent games. He had previously won the title of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Award in April 2014 and has published articles related to game development in many online communities. In 2013, Mao was named as one of the top ten outstanding IT bloggers in China. He has also published books such as “Windows Game Programming from Scratch” and “Introduction to OpenCV3 Programming”.