Tencent Acquires Canada-Based Inflexion Games

Shenzhen-based tech giant Tencent announced on Wednesday that it will wholly acquire Canadian-based game studio Inflexion Games. Aaryn Flynn, CEO of Inflexion Games, will stay on after Tencent‘s acquisition, officials said.

Improbable, the parent company of Inflexion Games, said it sold the studio as part of its new strategic focus on the metaverse, and accepted Tencent‘s acquisition because Inflexion Games needed better publisher support.

Inflexion Games’ first game, Nightingale, is a shared-world survival building game. It was first announced at the Tencent Games Arena Awards in 2021, and is expected to enter the early access stage in 2022.

Aaryn Flynn said that Tencent‘s acquisition of Inflexion has been in progress since the summer of 2021. So far, Tencent has been very respectful of Inflexion’s design direction on Nightingale. In addition, Inflexion looks forward to partnering with Tencent to launch Nightingale’s early access later this year.

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At the end of 2021, Tencent acquired Turtle Rock Studios, the developer of Back 4 Blood. In recent years, Tencent has also acquired a number of Chinese and global game studios. The most well-known studio invested by Tencent at present is Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends.