Taobao Releases 2022 Live-Streaming Incentive Plan

After live streaming host Viya was investigated for tax evasion, Taobao Live recently released its annual incentive plan for the year to support mid-tier and new hosts and to provide more cash incentives to producers.

The incentive plan is roughly divided into three parts: First, when a new host meets certain requirements, they will receive a one-time cash incentive issued by the platform. Second, the new host will also receive a one-time cash incentive when completing certain retention tasks. Third, MCN institutions with a high number of quality hosts can also be awarded with these incentives.

In addition, Taobao has increased itssupport of the platform’s traffic for live-streaming from the aspect of products. The company revealed that it has recently concentrated on testing and opening up more resources for its live-streaming business. On this basis, Taobao plans to provide a series of traffic support policies for mid-tier and new hosts in 2022.

In 2021, Taobao introduced a series of measures to strengthen its live-streaming business. On the eve of Double Eleven, Alibaba launched a content commercialization platform called “Heat Wave Engine”. This platform aims to provide two-way matching transactions for merchants and hosts, better evaluate online product selection and promotion while expanding the number of available traffic channels.

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According to official data, from September 30, 2020 to September 30, 2021, the number of users watching Taobao live-streaming increased by more than 60 million, and the annual ARPU of consumers in live-streaming also increased by 30%.