Taobao Live Urges Promotion of Agricultural Products During Double 11 Shopping Festival

Taobao Live issued an initiative to all livestreamers on the platform, expressing the hope that more agricultural products could be promoted in order during this year’s Double 11 Shopping Festival to boost China’s rural revitalization.

More agriculture products can be seen and sold if each livestreamer has another more agriculture product to be available during their livestreaming in Double 11 Shopping Festival, the initiative said. Taobao Live serves as a strong tool for products sales during this Double 11, with the first hour of the first sales window, the number of views increasing 600% compared with the same period last year.

China’s agricultural products are very scattered, with the proportion of small-scale farmers accounting for more than 98%. Taobao Live has become a new bridge for farmers to connect with much bigger markets.

Village livestreamers on Taobao have launched more than 3 million events, driving the sales of 8 million agricultural products. Agricultural products, once only known in small villages, enter into more livestreaming channels and drive villagers’ income.

Professor Xu Xuchu from the China Academy of Rural Development of Zhejiang University said as the level of agricultural industrialization and digitization increases, more and more high-quality agricultural products are being cultivated, but most of them are unknown to the public. The initiative of promotion of agricultural products is very meaningful, giving agricultural products the opportunity to be the protagonist of the Double 11, enhance brand popularity and visibility of quality products, added Xu.

In April of this year, Tmall introduced a special area for agricultural products in its commodity pool, trying to facilitate livestreamers to select high-quality products. More than 1,500 agricultural products from 49 regions will be put in the commodity pool during this year’s Double 11, and most of them come from underdeveloped regions in China. On November 7, Taobao Live will also set up a special event to improve the popularity of the initiative, and many platform livestreamers have responded positively.

In 2019, Yu Wenwei returned home to start a business and joined Tmall as a village livestreamer. Monthly turnover is now more than 400,000 yuan ($54,696). In this year’s Double 11, Yu will mainly help pomelos from Guangfeng, Jiangxi Province to obtain more exposure.

“Rural high-quality goods need to be seen more,” Zhou Youyong, the president of an association promoting local brands in Guangfeng District, said. He used to be a middle school teacher in Guangfeng, but in order to increase the sales of pomelo, he resigned and started a business in 2017. After years of hard work, the digitalization of pomelo production and sales has been improved.

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In 2021, Guangfeng cooperated with Alibaba. The tech giant’s digital orchard can make the planting of pomelos more scientific, and the Cainiao intelligent producing warehouse can sort 12,500 kg of fruit per hour according to appearance, color, sugar acidity and other indicators. The sales revenue of pomelos from Guangfeng is expected to increase by about 20% after graded pricing.

The initiative is the third important activity of Alibaba in rural revitalization after the “Hot Land Plan 2022” and the “Harvest Festival” this year. The “Hot Land Plan 2022,” which was released in July of this year, proposed 18 new measures to bring about more vitality to rural development efforts.