Taobao Live Promotes Agriculture Products Sales through Public-Welfare Livestreaming

Taobao Live starts this year’s public-welfare livestreaming this week to help sell agriculture products from China’s rural areas. The livestreaming attracted over 16 leading livestreamers including the top influencer Li Jiaqi.

This public-welfare event, jointly held by Taobao Live, sold more than 4 million yuan ($581,758) of agricultural products last year, with 54 million netizens participating in.

This year, the livestreaming will sell agricultural products from many counties of Guizhou, Jiangxi, Shanxi and Hebei Province. A Taobao Live spokesperson said it would boost agricultural products sales and help to build the brands for the agriculture products.

As early as 2019, Taobao Live proposed to help rural revitalization by livestreaming channels. At present, more than 3 million livestreamings have been held and over 130 million orders of 8 million agricultural products were sold.

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E-commerce has broken through a common limitation that buyers can’t see, touch or feel agricultural products. Livestreamers now show the planting, growing process, picking, packaging and other links of agricultural products by way of video. Compared with pictures and word descriptions, the information shown by livestreaming gives a broader look at the whole production process of natural, green and pollution-free agricultural products.

Besides, the boost of agriculture products sales, the emergence of livestreamers who used to be farmers, has promoted the efficient operation of regional industries, and partially solved the unemployment problem in rural areas.