Zuoyebang Goes Overseas: Promoting Question AI, Focusing on North America and Indonesia

Since May 2023, Chinese online education platform Zuoyebang has launched a large-model-based AIGC learning product called Question AI in the United States, Indonesia, and other places. It is officially positioned as a ‘question and homework assistant,’ where students can scan to solve homework problems covering subjects such as mathematics, history, biology, English, physics, and chemistry.

Since 2022, Zuoyebang has quietly been preparing to expand its overseas business. Now, the weekly active users of Question AI in the North American market are close to 2 million, and the official claim is ‘chosen by over tens of millions of users’.

The official website shows that the company of Question AI is D3 DIMENSION TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. This is a company registered in Singapore. According to information from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore, the company was established in July 2022, with Zuoyebang founder and CEO Hou Jianbin and co-founder Li Boyang both serving as directors of the company.

Earlier than the registration of overseas companies, as early as March 2022, Zuoyebang had already started the overseas product operation for its global expansion project. The basic requirement for candidates is Indonesian or Malaysian.

Now, Zuoyebang is still recruiting teaching and research staff for overseas projects.

According to data from mobile app data and analytics company data.ai (formerly known as App Annie), the United States and Indonesia are Question AI’s two main markets.

From the perspective of active users, taking the week of March 3rd to 9th as an example, there were 1.95 million weekly active users in the US market and 12,500 weekly active users in the Indonesian market. In addition, it has also entered other Southeast Asian markets such as Vietnam and the Philippines, but with fewer active users.

According to data from data.ai, as of March 20, 2024, in the past month, among the education apps with the highest iOS downloads in the United States, Question AI ranks third after Duolingo and Gauth (ByteDance’s overseas educational product).

The download volume in the Indonesian market also performed well. In the past month, Question AI ranked fourth among the highest downloaded educational apps on iOS in Indonesia.

Question AI positions itself as a “question and homework assistant”, relying on GPT-4, students can scan to solve homework problems, covering multiple subjects.

In terms of core functions, first, you can take pictures of questions and answer them; secondly, AI homework assistant provides 24-hour online Q&A support; thirdly, Chat AI for chatting with artificial intelligence. In addition, you can also upload multiple PDF files (Chat PDF) to automatically scan and solve various problems in the PDFs; fourthly, synchronize with the school to provide refined solutions for textbooks in various subjects.

Of particular note, Question AI indicates that the above features are all free of charge.

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