Taiwanese Singer Jimmy Lin Fined for Illegal Parking Half a Year after Tesla Car Accident

It has been more than half a year since a car accident happened involving Taiwanese singer and professional race driver, Jimmy Lin. The story gained notoriety since the accident involved a Tesla vehicle in July last year. Lin has recovered and once again gotten behind the steering. Recently, Lin was photographed driving out to have dinner with friends, and was later fined for parking illegally. This is also his first public appearance in front of the media since the accident.

Jimmy Lin drove a BMW i3 to a restaurant and parked his car in the special parking space for truck loading and unloading. Therefore, he was fined NT $600 to NT $1,200 ($19.9 – $39.96). i3 is BMW’s first pure electric vehicle model, and has contributed to BMW’s development of the EV market. In 2019, the global sales volume of the vehicle exceeded 30,000 units.

On July 22, last year, Jimmy Lin had a serious car accident while driving a Tesla vehicle wherein the vehicle caught fire. He and his son were rescued by people nearby, but he was injured and sent to the hospital for treatment. After a series of operations and a period of rest, in December last year, he posted a message on his personal social account saying “full rehabilitation”, and he also posted X-rays in the comment area, saying “titanium alloy arms need time to train”.

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Jimmy Lin has praised Tesla on various occasions in recent years. He once said, “Many people say that they can’t get used to driving fuel-powered vehicles when they are used to the automatic driving function provided by an EV. As a result, this is true and rekindles the fun of driving.” In addition, after buying a Tesla vehicle, he also bought Tesla shares and became a shareholder. “They are not just an automobile company, but a promising technology company,” he said.

Although Lin wasn’t driving a Tesla vehicle on the day he was caught parking illegally, when some media outlet asked him if he had any new views on Tesla, Lin responded that he was still driving a black Tesla vehicle, and had no PTSD from the car accident last year. Lin kept quiet about the details of the last car accident. As a professional race car driver, his attitude towards Tesla has aroused some doubts from the public.