SVOLT Establishes Shanghai R&D Center to Support Intelligent Manufacturing Development

SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. on Thursday signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiading District State-Owned Assets Management (Group) Co., Ltd., announcing the establishment of SVOLT Shanghai R&D Center under the registered name of Dr. Octopus Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The firm plans for the center to provide R&D support for BMS software and hardware, industrial software, controller hardware of intelligent equipment, AI algorithms, integrated design of lighthouse factories and more, and to be the core system supplier of intelligent control and intelligent manufacturing of new energy vehicles, new energy parts and the electronic information industry.

Meanwhile, the center will serve as a platform for venture capital, providing various services such as interest-free loans, equipment financial leasing, rent-free office space and financial products for venture projects, and helping core R&D technologies to be transformed into operational results.

The center is located in Jiakang Park, Science and Technology Innovation Center, Jiading District, Shanghai. Jiakang Park covers an area of about 8.55 acres and has many functions such as operation management, industrial support and finance.

According to the person in charge of the center, the Shanghai R&D Center will undertake the responsibility of the construction of the SVOLT AI Smart Factory and provide innovative technical support including AI intelligent vision, AI intelligent analysis and AI intelligent simulation. In addition, they will build an industrial internet platform and industrial software for the energy interconnection industry.

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Moreover, the Center will build a BMS battery management system on the vehicle, whose design with high safety, high precision, high reliability and high intelligence will ensure the safe operation of batteries, prolong battery life, and accurately set off alarms. It will empower the new energy industry, making the SOX accuracy of SVOLT’s BMS products reach the leading level in the industry and in the world.

In the future, the Shanghai R&D Center will gradually expand its team and carry out activities such as employing scientists and overseas campus recruitment through global channels, so as to build a professional talent team for the center. It is planned that there will be more than 500 experts in various fields by 2025.