Spy Photos of XPENG AEROHT Split-type Flying Car Unveiled

Recently, spy photos of a split-type flying car named the “Land Aircraft Carrier” from XPeng‘s XPENG AEROHT brand have surfaced.

This innovative product combines an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft with a ground transport vehicle. It boasts a unique three-axis six-wheel drive configuration, making it the first domestically produced six-wheel drive model on the market. While spy photos suggest a focus on features other than off-road capabilities, the six-wheel drive setup hints at significant potential for future modifications.

XPENG AEROHT has not yet disclosed detailed technical specifications, including the body structure. However, some experts suggest that its design, reminiscent of Tesla’s Cybertruck in height, might incorporate a semi-load-bearing structure.

The name “Land Aircraft Carrier” originates from its integration of a small aircraft, with the ground vehicle primarily serving as the aircraft’s carrier. XPENG AEROHT is also actively developing electric flying cars. Despite current limitations such as battery performance and regulatory constraints, the company aims to broaden practicality and widespread application in this emerging category. By combining a six-wheel drive car with an aircraft, the “Land Aircraft Carrier” seeks to expand its range of potential applications.

During last year’s XPeng Technology Day event, XPENG AEROHT outlined two distinct development paths for flying cars: integrated land-air flying cars and split-type flying cars. The split-type variant comprises a land body and a flying body, featuring a cabin for 4 to 5 passengers and a range-extending hybrid power system to support the flying body. XPeng‘s Chairman and CEO, He Xiaopeng, highlighted the diverse applications of the split-type flying car, emphasizing its role in expanding travel options for individuals and supporting emergency and rescue services.

The pricing strategy for the “Land Aircraft Carrier” has attracted considerable market attention. Initial predictions suggested a price tag as high as 1 million yuan, but recent reports indicate a more moderate range between 700,000 to 1 million yuan. Positioned to compete with other all-electric or plug-in hybrid off-road models, the “Land Aircraft Carrier” stands out due to its unique flying capabilities, offering a compelling blend of performance and appeal.

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2023, XPENG AEROHT announced that reservations for the split-type flying car will commence in the fourth quarter of this year, with mass production and delivery slated to begin in the fourth quarter of the following year.

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