Shein Launches Women’s Underwear Retail Platform Luvlette

Fast fashion giant Shein is constantly hatching new brands and building an expansive business matrix. According to a report by Egain News on October 7, it has now launched at least nine individual brands, including Romwe, Sheglam, Dazy, Cuccoo, Glowmode, Petsin, and Jmmo, covering shoes, clothing and hats, beauty cosmetics, pets, bags and so on. This year, the firm launched and promoted an underwear brand called Luvlette.

When Shein introduces a new brand, it usually launches the products of this brand on its main website. This serves as an endorsement of the new brand and increases consumer trust. It also aims to test market reactions, accumulate data and nourish new brands. Luvlette appeared on the firm’s main website last year, and it only launched an independent retail platform in April this year. Luvlette’s product line focuses on bras and extends to underwear, home clothes and sportswear.

The most noteworthy aspect is that the brand positioning of Luvlette underwear is quite different from that of Shein. On one hand, Shein aims to be “sexy,” while Luvlette seeks to be “no longer sexy.” Shein’s product line focuses on sexy and beautiful, and the models on its page are beautiful and colorful, while Luvlette’s product line focuses on comfort and users’ self-confidence, and many models featured on the platform are of ordinary and heavier weights.

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In fact, Luvlette’s domain was registered as early as 2020. In terms of traffic, it was at a very low level from March to June 22. Although the website has been launched, perhaps it is not fully ready in terms of supply chains, marketing and team deployment, so there has been no large-scale traffic promotion. After June 22, Luvlette’s traffic began to increase greatly. The team might have already started formal operations, and Shein may have given it some support. Of course, the scale of its overall traffic is still small.

According to web traffic distribution information obtained by Egain News, most of Luvlette’s visitors come from North America, with only the US accounting for 57.88% (although this is changing every day), followed by Mexico with 12.22%, Spain, Britain, Hungary and Australia in Europe and Argentina in Latin America. Among the sources, direct traffic accounts for 40.27%, while natural search accounts for 44.04%. This has a lot to do with the support given by Shein.

As a fashion brand, Luvlette attaches great importance to its layout on social media. As early as last year, it promoted goods on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest, cooperating with various influencers. Not surprisingly, as a fashion brand, Luvlette’s promotional activities on Instagram have contributed the largest source of social media traffic, accounting for 79.05%.