Sharing Gym Appeared in Beijing 

Recently, sharing gym have appeared in one neighborhood in Beijing, which occupies as small area as the newsstand. Its external wall impressively has words “Mipao — self-help fitness”. So, what do these mini gyms have inside?

Self-service gym covers an area of about 4 square meters. It only has a treadmill inside, equipped with TV, air conditioning, air purifier, etc., which is quite considerate.

Users only need to pay a deposit of 99 yuan to experience the gym and the use of charges is 0.2 yuan/minute, which means if you run for half an hour, you only need to pay 6 yuan.

In this wave of sharing economy, a large number of start-up companies squeeze their heads to gain profits whereas the truth is very harsh. Sharing economy is coveted by too many people and thus the competition is too intense. Even companies at the top of the pyramid cannot make money, how long could other small companies survive?


This article originally appeared in Zhongguancun Online and was translated by Pandaily.

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