SF Express to Invest 500 Million Yuan to Ensure Sustainable Development of Employees

SF Express launched its Employee Sustainable Development Guarantee Plan on Monday, which means it will invest more than 500 million yuan ($77 million) in the future to focus on the sustainable development of a courier’s career and family life quality.

Since the beginning of this year, protection of the legitimate rights and interests of couriers has attracted much attention. The Ministry of Transport, the State Post Bureau, the National Development and Reform Commission and another four departments jointly issued a document in July urging the protection of the rights and interests of couriers and promoting the sustained and healthy development of the express delivery industry.

The plan that has been subsequently launched by SF Express is expected to facilitate the upgrading of skills and the family welfare of more than 200,000 first- and second-line couriers.

In view of the fact that couriers are mostly young and have diverse career plans, SF Express has formulated development plans for its talented delivery people and managers. First- and second-line employees are encouraged to participate in academic education and skill certification and company will provide subsidies for their further education.

SF Express will identify the skill levels of couriers and express handlers from all regions. Afterward an assessment, couriers will be guided to learn about skills such as shop operation and agricultural development to lay a foundation for their career development.

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SF Express will also take advantage of the network ecology to continuously create new positions. The expectations of some couriers to start their own businesses will also be fufilled.

In July, SF Express noted that it will invest no less than 200 million yuan to increase the income of dispatchers. On August 29th, six express delivery companies, namely ZTO, YTO, STO, BEST, Yunda and J&T, issued a notice that, from September 1st, the delivery fee of couriers will be raised by 0.1 yuan per order.