Sensor Tower: 34 Chinese Mobile Game Makers Squeeze in Top 100 with Largest Revenue

According to a report released by Sensor Tower on Wednesday, in January, a total of 34 Chinese mobile game manufacturers were shortlisted on the Top 100 revenue list (only the revenue from App Store and Google Play). These applications earned $2.26 billion in January, accounting for nearly 39% of the total revenue of game makers on the list.

With the launch of new competition this year, new heroes and new skins, the revenue of the Honor of Kings increased by 92% month-on-month in January, returning to the top of the best-selling list of iOS mobile games in China. The revenue of Tencent Games also increased by 22% month-on-month.

The revenues of “Genshin Impact”, “Honkai Impact 3rd” and “Tears of Themis” of miHoYo all ushered in different increases, which made the publisher’s revenue increase by 52% month-on-month. Compared with December last year, the global revenue of “Genshin Impact” from mobile terminal increased by 55%. The game achieved the third highest revenue in January since its listing in September 2020.

The mobile game “Warriors Of Fate: Strategy Edition” was launched by Lingxi Games on several servers in late January for its second and third season. The publisher’s revenue increased by 9% month-on-month, ranking seventh on the list.

Thanks to the listing of “Civilization and Conquest”, the revenue of 4,399 Games increased by 134% month-on-month in January, and its ranking jumped to 8th.

As one of the games that always keeps attracting players in the Chinese market, Wendao’s revenue increased by 70% from January 7, and its publisher Leiting Games’ rank increased by 3 places to 11th.

In January, “Arknights” celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the launch of its Japanese version, leading to an increase by 204% month-on-month. Its publisher Yostar’s revenue increased by 71%, ranking 12th.

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At the end of December last year, Spring Game launched the “Star God” in Hong Kong and Taiwan, China. In January, the game successfully ranked among the top three best-selling mobile games in Taiwan, China. The publisher’s revenue surged by 792% month-on-month, jumping to the 33rd place in Sensor Tower’s list.