SenseTime Reaches Strategic Cooperation With GAC Group

SenseTime, an artificial intelligence software company, announced on July 26 that it has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with GAC Group. The two sides will cooperate on technology R&D and application innovation in the fields of intelligent driving, intelligent cabins, intelligent and connected vehicles, auto metaverse, AI tool chain and a supercomputing center.

This cooperation is intended to accelerate in-depth exploration of the frontier technology of smart cars, to realize continuous and efficient iteration of smart car technology by building a closed loop of data, and to help the development and mass production of a new generation of smart cars.

After six years of long-term hard work, SenseTime has built a full-stack smart car technology capability. SenseAuto is a service output platform, driving the development of various fields such as intelligent driving, intelligent cockpits and Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems (IVICS) by deeply exploring the value of in-vehicle sensing data.

SenseAuto has served more than 30 customers in the auto industry and more than 50 partners in the smart auto industry. It is expected that over the next five years, SenseAuto will serve more than 60 auto models and more than 27 million vehicles.

Xu Li, Chairman and CEO of SenseTime, said, “We will build more diversified products and services based on SenseAuto and combine the new needs, new functions and new models of GAC Group.”

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In the first half of 2021, SenseTime and GAC Motor released their first mass-produced device, the “Qimiao Camera,” in joint cooperation. SenseTime cooperates with GAC Chuanqi and GAC Aion V in the field of intelligent and connected vehicles, and these models will be mass-produced and introduced to the market successively this year and next year.