Schneider Electric, CATL Reach Strategic Cooperation to Promote Replacement of Lead-acid Batteries with Lithium Batteries

Schneider Electric and CATL signed an online contract to reach a strategic partnership on Aug. 5 at the Schneider Electric Innovation Summit 2020. The two parties will cooperate in the fields of green smart factories, new energy power generation, safety electricity use, and energy storage, according to Chinese media 21 Caijing.

CATL has agreed to help Schneider Electric achieve its goal of replacing lead-acid with lithium batteries and jointly expand the emerging lithium battery application market, 21 Caijing reported, adding that Schneider Electric, in return, will provide a full range of services for the planning and implementation of CALT’s green smart manufacturing projects, as well as helping the company establish advanced green smart factories.

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According to the media, the two parties will work together to build a small distributed energy platform to explore new applications for energy storage in data centers and industrial and commercial fields.

It is reported that in the globally distributed energy platform launched by Schneider, CATL will work with ecological partners to explore new scenarios and new applications of new energy.

The two will also combine their business advantages to jointly promote the construction of Ubiquitous Electric Internet of Things and cooperate to create an overall solution of “UPS + energy storage + power distribution,” Caijing reported.