SAIC Launches MG MULAN With Eyes on Europe

On the evening of September 13, the MG MULAN, a pure electric vehicle under SAIC Motor’s MG brand, was officially launched in Shanghai. For the Chinese market, the new model is available in three cruising ranges and four configuration options, within a price range of 129,800 yuan to 186,800 yuan ($18,647 – $26,836).

The MG MULAN will also face the global market, where it officially goes by the name MG4 ELECTRIC. SAIC MG held a shipping ceremony for “10,000 vehicles sailing to Europe” on the night of September 13. The new cars will be available in the UK, Germany and other countries. The price of this model in Germany will be between 31,990 and 37,990 euros ($31,943 – $37,935).

MG MULAN (Source: MG)

According to SAIC, the new model is a full-electric hatchback built on SAIC’s Modular Scalable Platform (known as the Nebula Platform in China) and fitted with Mofang (Rubik’s Cube) batteries.

The MG MULAN has two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions, which also offer three power options and corresponding cruising ranges. It comes in a 125kW single motor + 51kWh battery version, a 150kW single motor + 64kWh battery version, and a 315kW dual-motor + 64kWh battery version. These three options have cruising ranges of 425km, 520km and 460km, respectively.

MG MULAN (Source: MG)

In the first half of 2022, the sales volume of the MG brand in Europe exceeded 45,000 vehicles, and an accumulating sales volume of 1 million vehicles in overseas markets. MG MULAN, as a new product launched by MG for the global market, will explore the European market in the fourth quarter of 2022, with plans to enter Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Mexico, and South America in 2023.

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“The 10,000 new MG MULAN cars exporting to Europe is an important milestone for SAIC Motor and a major moment for the Chinese auto industry,” said Wang Xiaoqiu, President of SAIC. The executive added, “In recent years, facing major changes of ‘electrification, intelligent and connected vehicles, sharing and internationalization’ in the automobile industry, China is accelerating to catch up with traditional automobile powers such as European countries, America and Japan, and is expected to become the second-largest automobile exporter in the world in 2022.

In terms of market expansion, SAIC Motor has established more than 1,800 overseas marketing service outlets, with products and services available in more than 90 countries and regions around the world. Its cumulative sales in overseas markets have exceeded 3 million vehicles.