Robot R&D Company Xianglu Technology Bags $16 Million in Angel Round Financing Led by Source Code Capital

Recently, Xianglu Technology announced that it had obtained 100 million yuan ($16 million) in angel round financing from Source Code Capital. The fresh funds will be mainly used for product technology R&D, service innovation, multiscenario application and organizational upgrading.

Xianglu Technology is a robot R&D and application company facing life scenarios. Its products cover hotel self-service terminals, distribution service robots and other categories. It has many patents and innovative applications in robot autonomous mobile algorithm, multi-task scheduling, cloud  management and other technologies.

Xianglu Technology also announced that Guo Qing, former member of S-team, the highest decision-making team of Meituan, joined the company as co-founder and CEO, and Yang Jiancheng, former CEO of the company, began to serve as co-founder and CPO.

Huang Yungang, partner of Source Code Capital, said: “The combination of artificial intelligence and robots will bring qualitative changes to the industry and will be the main trend in the next 10 years. We recognize and are optimistic about the strategic vision, technical reserves and commercial landing capabilities of the Xianglu Techbology in this field.”

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In the past year, Marsmarch, a subsidiary of Xianglu Techbology, has made great achievements in hotel services, creating a number of innovative products, such as self-service terminal and hotel distribution robots. Now it has been stationed in more than ten hotel groups and nearly 1,000 hotels, providing tens of thousands of intelligent and efficient services for guests every day.