Roborock Launches Vacuum Cleaner T8 With 4200Pa Suction

Roborock, an intelligent home robotics developer, released a new sweeping and towing vacuum robot cleaner called the T8 on Thursday. The product features 4200Pa strong suction, a 350mL super-large water tank, a new RR mason 9.0 algorithm system and more, also supporting automatic dust collection. Its waste container only needs to be emptied six times a year and it won the Red Dot Design Award in 2022, ensuring the device can bring an excellent cleaning experience to users.

The Roborock T8, combined with the strong suction of 4200Pa, can efficiently suck away dust and debris attached to floor seams or carpets, making the sweeping efficiency higher. Compared with its previous products, the new product’s air inlet area is increased by five times. Moreover, the vent is shorter, which greatly reduces suction loss, and the air volume utilization rate and cleaning ability have seen further improvements.

The structural design of the four connecting rods can fit the ground more flexibly and has a higher cleaning efficiency. Moreover, its main brush is fully made of soft TPU, so the hair can move along the spiral texture on the main brush during cleaning, most of which can be directly sucked into the dust box, and a small part will go to the detachable storage boxes on both sides of the main brush, which can be easily cleaned without special tools.

(Source: Roborock)

The Roborock T8 supports automatic dust collection, and returns to the charging base for automatic dust collection after cleaning, so that users can reduce the cleaning frequency of the sweeping robot. Moreover, in view of the “dead angle” in the dust box, it adopts double fans in the  dust collection design. With the super-suction power of 27000Pa, the dust collection efficiency of quickly emptying the dust box is higher.

The Roborock T8 supports quick mapping and supports a new quick instruction function. A series of instructions can now be started with one click, and only needs to be set once, from which the sweeping robot can automatically complete in turn.

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In addition, through LDS, ultrasonic radar, gyroscope, accelerometer, cliff detection and other sensors, combined with the RR mason 9.0 algorithm system, the Roborock T8 can accurately identify stairs and high places that are easy to fall down, and furniture bottoms where it is easy for the device to get stuck.

Roborock has developed LDS lidar, which has very high stability in mapping, and can realize lidar obstacle avoidance without being affected by environmental brightness.

The price of the Roborock T8 is 2,799 yuan ($441), and its debut price is 2,299 yuan. The price of the Roborock T8 intelligent dust collection version is 3,599 yuan, and the debut price is 2,999 yuan. The products opened for pre-orders in the Chinese market on major domestic e-commerce platforms including Taobao,,, Douyin at 10:00 on March 17.