Ride-Hailing Platform Dida Chuxing Responds to Female Passenger Jumping During Ride, Driver Suspended From Taking Orders

Dida Chuxing, a Chinese online ride-hailing platform, responded on Wednesday to a dispute between a female passenger and one of the company’s drivers. The person in charge of the platform responded that the driver had been suspended from taking orders and that points had been deducted from his account. The firm also affirmed that a follow-up will be updated in a timely manner, according to the customer complaint handling progress.

A woman in Shanghai posted a message online Wednesday morning, saying that she had entered a dispute with a driver of Dida during a ride on Tuesday. She questioned the driver about his bypassing the Dida system for illegal carpooling. After repeatedly requesting to stop the car to no avail, the woman waited until the car encountered a traffic jam then jumped out of the vehicle.

In its initial response, Dida stated that the female passenger did not jump out of the car. The platform said that according to its interview with the driver, he had quickly pulled over when the passenger made a request, then the passenger got out of the car. In the recording, the sound of a door opening and closing can be heard. A fierce dialogue between the two sides can be heard as well.

At the same time, Dida reminded all customers that they should communicate calmly and work to understand each other during the ride in order to build a civilized, harmonious and friendly ride atmosphere. If passengers encounter problems, they should contact the platform’s customer service on the premise of ensuring their own safety.

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Dida, established in 2014, belongs to Beijing Changxing Information Technology Co., Ltd. It is formerly known as “Dida Pinche,” which focused on sharing private passenger cars, allowing car owners and passengers to conveniently share rides. In 2018, the brand was upgraded to Dida Chuxing, a mobile ride-hailing platform providing taxis and private cars, with the second-highest number of active users.

Dida has reached overall strategic cooperation with taxi associations in nearly 19 cities including Xi’an, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Jinan.