Qihoo 360 Co-Founder Accuses Microsoft of Plagiarism

Zhou Hongyi, the co-founder of Chinese internet security firm Qihoo 360 Technology accused Microsoft of plagiarism at the 10th Internet Security Conference (ISC 2022) on July 30. “Now Microsoft is copying Qihoo 360, imitating the Qihoo 360 Safe Center, and creating a Microsoft computer butler,” Zhou said.

After the meeting, Zhou claimed during exchanges with media that in fact, Microsoft had imitated Qihoo 360’s free antivirus services, which played a key role in Microsoft becoming the most powerful security company in the US. In addition, after obtaining the data of C-end user terminal security, Microsoft reportedly had acquired a deeper understanding of the security situation of the whole network.

“As a technology giant, Microsoft draws lessons from Qihoo 360’s security concept in the security field, which also proves that our security concept is relatively advanced and is on a correct path,” Zhou added.

“There are always peers misleading the public and the government, saying that C-end security companies can’t do enterprise-oriented business, and the data is useless. This is complete jealousy of us. Security companies that only do enterprise-oriented business can’t see it because they don’t have big data on the whole network,” Zhou said.

However, Zhou later posted on Weibo: “I have to clarify that I am not bombarding Microsoft, but actually expressing my appreciation for the company. In the digital age, only companies from the C-end can do a good job of security because they have numerous users and can put big data into the cloud for security analysis. I think Qihoo 360 and Microsoft are both future-oriented companies.”

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During ISC 2022, in view of the security challenges in the process of digitalization, Zhou also said that the inherent fragility of digitalization leads to greater security risks, while external threats are constantly escalating. Under the internal and external security challenges, risks spread all over all scenarios of digitalization, forcing network security to be upgraded to digital security. In recent years, the government and enterprises have greatly improved their awareness of security issues, and their investment will be increasing.