QCraft Pilots Intelligent Unmanned Minibuses in Beijing

QCraft, a Chinese autonomous driving company, announced Monday that it has been awarded a test license for intelligent networked passenger minibuses in Beijing’s high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone, and that it has fully integrated vehicle-road collaboration applications within the zone.

QCraft’s unmanned minibus model, the “Longzhou One,” has started normalized testing within this 60-square-kilometer zone. The fleet will provide what the firm assures to be safe and convenient passenger commuter services for citizens between subways and office buildings in the future.

This minibus adopts the company’s self-developed “Driven-By-QCraft” autonomous driving solution. Adapted to a variety of complex road conditions in urban settings, the company has tested and operated in 10 locations around the world, including the Silicon Valley in the United States, Beijing, Shenzhen and Suzhou in China, and the deployed self-driving fleet has exceeded 100 vehicles.

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QCraft plans to expand its operations across a diverse range of applications in the designated Beijing zone by the end of this year, including scenarios such as subway connecting lines, park ferries, scenic sightseeing tours, driverless taxis, and online unmanned bus-hailing services.

In addition, QCraft will hold a brand strategy launch event on May 18 to share its latest planning and product solutions, showing its continuous progress in realizing the full breadth of autonomous driving technology.