Power Failure during Driving, BMW Recalls Some Domestic iX3s

According to the recall announcement of the Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation on Friday, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. (BBA) recalled 1,974 domestic iX3 electric vehicles starting December 24. The vehicles recalled were produced between April 30, 2021 and August 27, 2021.

This recall is due to poor welding quality at the site of plug-in pins for the internal contact point system in the battery in some vehicles. The defect may lead to deviations between the actual and measured values of temperature/voltage.

When the deviation value exceeds the pre-set safety value, the vehicle will activate the power failure protection mode of the battery system which then triggers error codes and alarm messages. The output of the power battery will then be cut off which would result in power failure while the car is in motion.

The company will replace the power battery modules that show welding defects free of charge for vehicles within its recall scope to eliminate these potential safety hazards.

Before being recalled for repair, the company advises customers to drive the vehicle carefully. If the vehicle has power failure while driving, users are suggested to stop the vehicle at a safe place and contact the dealer.

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The BMW iX3 has had complaints about it before. One car owner said that his car, which was purchased six months ago, had a major malfunction which severely affected the vehicle’s performance. However, BMW did not deal with the complaint at that time. Instead, the company let him go to the dealership for upgrade.