Plus Delivers 100 Factory-Installed Autonomous Heavy Trucks

On August 16, a batch of J7 heavy-duty trucks built jointly by autonomous driving truck company Plus, Zhito Technology and Faw Jiefang Automotive Company was delivered to Rokin Logistics.

The delivery marks the first batch of 100 self-driving heavy trucks, making it the factory-installed mass-production self-driving heavy truck order in China so far. The vehicles will be put into the joint operation line of mass-produced intelligent heavy trucks operated by Rokin Logistics and Plus in the future, empowering their mainline logistics transportation services.

The partnership began in October 2021, when Rokin Logistics signed a strategic cooperation with Plus. Since the opening of China’s first mass-produced intelligent heavy-duty truck operation line, the mass-produced automated driving J7 truck has been used on trunk highways, such as the Beijing-Shanghai Highway and the Shenyang-Haikou Highway. These highways feature heavy traffic and large cargo transportation volume. J7 trucks have made remarkable achievements in the core indicators of trunk logistics transportation such as vehicle fuel consumption, safety, driving comfort and driver fatigue.

At the delivery ceremony, Rokin Logistics and J7 released a joint operation data report. Up to now, the joint operation mileage of their automated driving heavy-duty trucks has exceeded 90,000 km, while the proportion automated driving is as high as 96.7%, and the fuel saving of automated driving is 10% compared with manual driving.

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Founded in 2016, Plus has the R&D capability of L4 full-stack automated driving technology. The company aims to build a world-leading automated driving heavy-duty truck, so as to empower logistics enterprises, greatly reduce the cost of high-speed trunk logistics and enhance road safety.

Plus has received support from Jinshajiang Venture Capital, Sequoia China, Lightspeed Company, Full Truck Alliance, SAIC Capital, GuoTai JunAn International, CPE, FountainVest Partners, and more. Plus has reached deep strategic cooperation with Faw Jiefang Automotive Company and Full Truck Alliance to accelerate the commercialization of automated driving.